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What is in the Calmax formula?

Calmax uses only the highest quality ingredients in its formulation. Calmax, a unique powdered blend of calcium, magnesium and vitamin C, is intended to help maximize the amount of calcium and magnesium available for the body to absorb. This blend also includes citric acid and lemon juice powder

to assist with absorption and flavor. Each serving of Calmax yields 400 mg of calcium gluconate, 200 mg of magnesium carbonate and 500 mg of vitamin C.

The calcium gluconate is 90% plant derived and can come from either potatoes or rice. The special extraction process yields a pure form of the mineral which contains no vegetable, animal or other by-products. The 10% portion of calcium comes from rock deposits which have been purified and processed. The magnesium carbonate is also taken from earth deposits and has been purified and processed.


The vitamin C is a pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid. Citric acid is included as an additional acidifier. The dried, unsweetened lemon juice powder only contains the flavor portion of the lemon and is included to give Calmax its slightly lemon flavor. These are derived from fruit sources.

There are absolutely no fillers or artificial ingredients used in Calmax. It is natural and safe to take for both children and adults. Calmax also does not contain any corn, wheat, dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, salicylates or casein.

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